Frequently Asked Questions

See our most common questions related to the Belize boat registration.


There are no restrictions on nationality, kind, class, or size of the vessel while registering a vessel in Belize.

However, all vessels, with the exception of boats, fishing vessels, non-propelled barge, special registrations boats, and recently registered vessels that are instantly hired out, have an age restriction of 25 years.

Provisional registration:

  • A copy of bill of sale
  • A copy of passport
  • Insurance policy document for the yacht
  • Inspection certificate or a survey report (Must be done by authentic marine surveyor)
  • Fishing license (Commercially used boats)

Permanent registration:

  • A verified Builder Certificate
  • A verified Bill of Sale
  • Original certificate of deletion
  • International Tonnage Certification
  • The power of attorney
  • Safety Management Certificate and Document of Compliance
  • Copies of all official legal documents, including the ITC, DOC, SMC, ILLC, CSSRC, etc., that have been issued by a reputable organization on behalf of the Belizean government.

We can provide you the provisional registration in 24 hours and it will be for 6 months.

Yes, it is a physical document issued by the BPA.

Provisional registration – 6 months, Permanent registration – 5 years

Yes, we do accept documents in English language for the Belize registration. If you cannot provide the documents in English, we will have them sworn translated.

A certification of survey or safety inspection, produced by an accredited marine surveyor, is normally required in Belize as part of the registration process for boats. This examination will determine whether the boat satisfies the equipment and safety requirements.

We can help you with the MMSI license. To continue with it, we are required to have the following documents:

  • A copy of bill of sale
  • Yacht owner’s/operator’s name and contact details
  • Details of the VHF radio/AIS transceiver (Manufacture, model of the equipment, Serial number)
  • Copy of the Belize registration

Yes, we can help you with the change of ownership.

Provide us the copy of the new bill of sale and hull no, Safety inspection report/survey report.

We can help with the cancelation of the Belize registration, we need the written declaration to cancel the registration, provide the registration document, copy of bill of sale.

A valid registration certificate and a boat operator's permit are usually necessary for small recreational vessels, such sailboats or powerboats.

Additional license and certifications can be necessary for larger vessels, such as passenger or commercial charter ships.

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